Mountain Climbing

The explorer henry Stanley placed the Rwenzori on the map on the 24th May 1888. He labeled it “Ruwenzori “, a local name which he recorded as meaning “rain maker “ or “ Cloud -king”
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Rwenzori Mountains “ Mountain’s of the moon”

Rwenzori Mountains National Park is located in southwestern Uganda on the east side of the western (Albertine) African rift valley. It lies along Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and borders the DRC’s Virunga National Park. It is situated in the Bundibugyo, Kabarole, Ntoroko and Kasese districts. The 2 major entry points to ascend to the peaks are Nyakalengija central circuit and kilembe Trail.

Highest point: 5,109m above sea level on Mt . Stanley’s Margherita peak. The Rwenzori’s were christened the “ Mountain’s of the moon “ by Alexandrine geographer Ptolemy in AD 150.

The explorer henry Stanley placed the Rwenzori on the map on the 24th May 1888. He labeled it “Ruwenzori “, a local name which he recorded as meaning “rain maker “ or “ Cloud -king”

The oldest person to reach the peak Margherita peak was Ms Beryl Park, aged 78!


1 Pick up from Entebbe to Kasese district.

Upon arrival, we will drive to Kasese district where we will have our meals and a night at the lodge getting ready for 5 days climbing

2 Montane Forest and monkeys

Our journey begins at Trekkers Hostel and best time to start is 8.30am but you can leave as late as 10am. You’ll walk 2.2km to the UWA rangers post at 1,727m where the wildlife authority rangers will brief you on the day’s activities and rules of the national park. As you leave the rangers post for the first 2km you’ll walk along a path through grasslands and ferns, which give way to magnificent pristine Montane forest.

3 Heather trees and climbing

After a hearty breakfast, you commence walking at around 8:30am initially climbing a land of dripping lichen-covered heather trees looming over a ground cover of mosses and liverwort. then becomes steeper for about 200 meters up a narrow moss-covered ridge. The thick moss covering the ground and rocks under the giant heather trees is spectacular. After lunch you’ll walk to Nyamwamba River  1.6km through old giant heathers covered in old man’s beard moss to Kiharo Camp at 3,380m and that’s where you will camp for the for a night .Distance: 6.9Km

4 Thrilling view of Mutinda Peaks

After an early breakfast at Kiharo Camp you’ll climb a steep section passing through huge moss-covered boulders. At times, you get glimpses of the cliffs towering above as you move through thick forests of giant heather trees. You’ll cross a fast flowing river then climb up to Mutinda Rock Shelter where you can relax and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Rwenzori Mountains. Distance: 6.8KM.

5 Mutinda peak and giant lobelia gardens

The distance today from Mutinda to Kalalama Camp is 5.1km however before you descend you may climb up to Mutinda lookout at 3,975m. The climb should take between 45 minutes to one hour and then about 30 minutes to descend. Mutinda Lookout is the lowest and flattest peak of Mutinda Peaks where on a clear day you get fantastic views of the mountain range and down across the foothills to Kasese town, Queen Elizabeth National Park and beyond. Distance: 5.1KM

6 The final decline

On the last day, you’ll slope down through bamboo forests and cross through the same trail to Samalira camp. Here you have a short break before walking the final distance through montane forest to the ranger’s post at 1,727m. After a debriefing with the rangers, it’s just a 2km walk back down to Trekkers Hostel where you will spend a night.

7 Transfer to Entebbe airport

After breakfast, we will head to Entebbe airport for your departure.