Your Packing Guide For A Safari In Africa

Packing for your very first African safari can be definitely a challenge. A cute safari style is easily achieved with comfortable layers that will keep you warm on early morning game drives and cool during hot afternoons back at your accommodation yet tons of people inappropriately attire for safari. We provide a packing list as part of your final itinerary but you’ll find a general idea on what to pack and take on safari such as ideas on footwear, clothing, a toiletry, medicine bag and photo kit…. Take a look below:









  • Long sleeves T-shirt, shirt or blouse and collars help to protect from the sun and mosquitoes. Avoid bright, dark and metallic colors; especially blue as the flies are attracted to them( there’s a reason that safari guides always wear khaki) instead Bring clothes of neutral colors or earth color, such as khaki, light bark or mid-tone brown, beige, olive and green with Medium-weight fabric because the flies can bite through thin material.
  • clothing









  • You’ll want to pick your shoes depending on the type of safari you’re taking; your favorite hiking shoes or active footwear and socks will work just fine and you’re better with sports sandals if you’ll be spending most of the time in a vehicle, while heavy hiking boots are necessary for a walking trip to avoid stepping on anything
  • The African bush can be nippy during the mornings and evenings; be sure to bring a windbreaker or lightweight jacket and light scarf; Light scarf is an all-purpose addition to your packing list not only it will keep you warm on the sunrise and sunset game drives, it can be used to keep the dust out of your face.
  • Sunglasses and a Hat will Protect from the sun and keep some dust out of eyes while you’re on a safari

2.Essential gear

Binocular: Shared binocular is available from your safari guide, but having your own set ensures that you never miss seeing a kill or rare bird in the distance, a pair of binoculars can really heighten the experience.






Camera: Don’t miss out by relay on your phone, Buy a camera, an extra memory card and battery if you don’t already have them because Africa is a photographer’s dream. Not only does the infinite wildlife come in all shapes and sizes, but the continent is also blessed with beyond belief landscapes, colorful people and magnificent light! Don’t forget to bring zip locks to protect your bagged camera and lenses from water and dust.

Universal convectors: Lodges, Hotels and camps provide several universal plug convertors for your use in your room or tent. But you can bring one of our own just in case. Electricity in Rwanda is 230 and 50 hertz, the sockets are American type with 2 rectangular blade pins and British-type with three rectangular blade pins. By having an extra means you can charge up all your mobile devices, cameras and personal appliances.

universal plug convertors.









Headlamp: When relaxing evenings at your bush accommodations or on a night game drive, it’s always helpful to have a reliable source of light.










3. preventative pharmaceuticals and toiletries

Other than the prescription meds you may be on, basic first aid kit may be your friend, the first aid kit should include insect repellent with DEET and meds for diarrhea, nausea, headaches, indigestion, sore throat, stomach flu, antiseptic lotion, bandage and band aids, sunburn treatments, and antihistamines for bites you never know what you may be allergic to

first aid kit










Camps and lodges supply shampoo, conditioner and soap but you might prefer your own, feel free to bring your favorites in travel size deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste and other basics toiletries. Know you’ve been asking yourself, when is she/he going to bring up how many pairs of underwear to pack? Don’t over pack, hotels and lodges have laundry service.







Leave expensive personal jewelry, handbag and watches on safari.  Take only those everyday items that you normally wear, like your wedding band, inexpensive earrings. You’ll likely visit at least one village where you can pick up some unique souvenirs or tip a guide, You won’t find credit card machines in the bush, have some cash on you.

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