Eye-Catching Art Studios In Kigali

Henri Matisse. “Creativity takes courage”

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Rwanda’s best visual artists while in Kigali. Kigali’s art is booming with numerous young artists creating an amazing vista through galleries, art-focused community centers or independent studios. Here are awesome art studios to fit in an itinerary for a city tour

Inema Art Center:  Located in Kigali, The famous Inema Art center was founded in 2012 by two brothers, Emmnanuel Nkuranga and Innocent Nkurunziza. The Art Center spurs creativity for personal, social and economic growth. It is home to 10 artists who learned and explore the African art and their hidden talent.



Ivuka Art Center Studio: Established in 2007 by Colin Sekajugo, was intended to bring modern artistic skills to the people of Rwanda and change lives using art. This creative art gallery is also located in Kacyiru. The center started out with seven artists who worked to improve their talents, but today it inspires newcomers to learn and develop their skills. The center itself is a work of art; it depicts art and creativity right from the main entrance with paintings and abstract.

Ivuka Art Center







Niyo Art Gallery: founded by Niyonsenga Pacifique, Niyo Cultural Centre is committed to improve the lives of street children. The broader cultural center teaches children drumming and dancing, in a program initiated to help get impecunious kids off the street. The educational center empowers them to earn their own living through performances and art sales

Niyo Art Gallery   







Uburanga Arts Studio: Uburanga means “beauty”, Uburanga Arts Studio was founded in March 2010, by visual artist Jean Bosco Bakunzi, with goals of developing fine art and to always have a positive impact on Rwanda’s society and culture.  A Visit at Uburanga will reward you with creative and a unique display of art works, from visual artist’s community.

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