Rwanda Traditional Foods And Drinks

 Rwandan diets are made up of meals that are simple that have been prepared using local ingredients and food that is not too spicy. Sweet potatoes, corn, beans, cassava, pumpkins, yam, fruit and millet are the common foods that make up most diets eaten by Rwandan people. Most  popular food in kigali are:

Isombe is a popular dish in Rwanda made from cassava leaves. It is prepared by adding the pounded cassava leaves to salted water and boil until tender. Add the chopped onions, eggplant, spinach and green bell peppers then cook on medium heat for 10 minutes. Add the palm oil and peanut butter and stir to form a smooth paste. 


Brochettes: from village bar to up market restaurant, brochettes will always be on the menu. All that is needed to make a good brochette is a charcoal stove, charcoal, and the meat, vegetables and spices. The charcoal is fanned to make it very hot and the goat or beef steaks are placed on top of the stove,once in a while the man on stove keeps turning the steaks till ready to eat. Brochettes will be on the menu along with halved potatoes, fries and roasted bananas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Ugali let the water boil at boiling point on a hard cooking pot, put the cassava flour little by little (According to how soft or hard you want it) ,stirring slowly with a cooking stick(umwuko). As it’s getting hard stop the flour and press it to make the flour mix with water rightly. Reduce the heat to avoid burning of the pot. Serve it with chicken, beef sauce or isombe.



Agatogo: The best way to eat plantains (igitoki) in Rwanda is Agatogo.Agatoko is prepared by  frying the onion, some vegetable until it become soft, then add in the garlic and continue cooking until the onions are just beginning to color. Add on the tomato paste, give a good stir, add either beef meat or ghot meat and mix with water let it boil 20 min, then toss on the plantains and greens or peas.



DRINKS:  Many Rwandan men enjoy drinking beer, but women rarely drink alcohol in any form. They do drink tea or milk ( inshushyu or ikivuguto). Traditionally, people drink beer through straws from a single large container.

Urwagwa (Banana beer) is one of the oldest and major alcoholic beverages traditionally processed in Rwanda and like most traditional skills, the process for brewing Urwagwa is mostly handed down from father to son. The banana beer is manufactured from fermentation of mashed bananas and roasted Sorghum flour is added as a source of wild yeast.                                



Ikigage (sorghum) sorghum is soaked in water, and begins togerminate. Dry the partially germinated grains. Then the sorghum is ground in a mortar to obtain the flour that is mixed until it forms a concentrate that will then be diluted with water. The mixture is left to cool, and is then poured into a large container. Malt is then added to help this fermentation process (The malt that is used to make ikigage is prepared in advance from another traditional plant called imbazi). It has an alcohol content that can vary between 1% and 8%

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